Tall.life international measurements tool

One of the problems we face as manufacturers of ergonomic products is finding appropriate height information to base our design measurements off. The accuracy of information is difficult to determine and the data sets of information that is out there is generally biased in one way or another. Take for example the Ansur 2 measurements which are well measured and recorded but are only of people in the US Army, not exactly indicative of the world population. So we looked for a tool that would separate the anthropological measurements of different countries so we can more confidently state that yes, our products are suitable for the 5th to 95th percentile of the population.

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After a lot of searching we found a tool on the website Tall.life - https://tall.life/height-percentile-calculator-age-country/. This tool is excellent for comparing the heights of different countries and quickly illustrates that using generic statements like "xxxcm is the 5th percentile person" is extremely narrow focussed. Someone who is 164.8cm tall is in the 5th percentile in New Zealand but at a significantly more moderate 50.5 percentile when compared to people from India. This shows that there is extra consideration required when selling internationally.