Product Description

Increased flexibility with our Integ light, means greater productivity

There is now significant research linking users ability to control their workspace environment with significant increases in productivity.

As such, there is an ever increasing desire to allow users greater freedom over individual factors such as lighting. Coupled these productivity benefits are the impressive energy gains that come with the latest LED technology.

It is for these reasons we introduce our LED task light - Lighthead.


Workspace Lighting

Lighting is particularly important to the comfort, performance and safety of computer users. Poor lighting can cause symptoms of visual discomfort, headaches and migranes. In addition, lighting that causes shadows or glare can also result in awkward working postures.

The arrangement of lighting, the lighting characteristics of the luminaries and the location of windows can be important variables to consider while selecting the workplace layout.



Direct & Indirect Light Sources

In all workspaces you will have an indirect source of light. Mostly from a commercial lighting fixture source. Increasingly, this lighting is mixed with some form of natural light (large windows - and if you are lucky a sea view). The commercial lighting source typically is ceiling mounted and increases the illumination for the workspace.

What happens when this light source is insufficient for your workspace or particular task? This is where direct light sources, such as task lights become important. The ability to provide an adjustable direct light source increases individuals feelings of control over their workspace environment. As a result, this helps to reduce eye stress thereby increasing individual well being & productivity.

Research at the Cornell University Department of Design and Environmental Analysis, claims eyestrain is the top health-related complaint among office workers, resulting in some 79% of computer users wanting better lighting.

Reduced Energy Consumption

Reportedly, lighting can account for nearly half the energy consumption in commercial buildings. Reducing this cost and the carbon footprint has been the goal of many organisations and is one of the reasons we have seen the increased use of floor to ceiling glass in many Green Star buildings.

LED task lighting provides an excellent source of direct light while reducing energy use and costs. So why LED’s? The latest LEDs use as little as 10% of the energy and last up to 60 times longer than incandescents.

Ellipse - Lighthead comparison