Product Description

The Integ Adjustatable is an innovative electric height adjustable table that is stylish and functional while being cost effective and robust. It includes an environmentally friendly bamboo top (Bamboo releases 35% more oxygen and yields 20 times more timber than trees on the same area). The included switch has 4 one-touch height presets as well as fine tuning adjustment which allows the desk to be situated at the correct height with minimal effort.

Up/Down button features

  • Tap: Fine height adjustment
  • Hold for 2 seconds and release: Table will automatically go to its highest/lowest point
  • Tap while moving: Stops the table

Memory button features:

  • Tap: Table moves to the memory position
  • Hold for 5 seconds: Reprograms the memory button to the current height



Max weight: 100kg

Max height: 1175mm

Minimum height: 745mm

Electric height adjustment: 430mm

Desk frame footprint: 1285mm x 675mm

Bamboo Tabletop - size: 1524mm x 762mm x 15mm

Bamboo Tabletop - Whiteboard: The tabletop is suitable to use as a whiteboard with dry erase markers

Motor - Durability: Tested to 10000 transitions, 1 transition every 5 minutes

Motor - Auto stop function: Motor stops if any sharp weight/pressure is applied while it is moving

Motor - Overheat protection: Motor shutoff can kick in if the motor is excessively used in a short time period. Normal function will resume after approximately 10 minutes when the motor is at a safe operating temperature.

Warranty: 3 years warranty on the motor, 5 years on the frame