The Integ design philosophy is based around simplicity and modularity.

Simplicity translates into reliability of the product.  Once set up, the product will maintain its position until it is moved.

Modularity refers to the 'building-blocks' style that allows many configurations using a standard set of components.

This also allows future upgrades to be added on, for just the cost of the additional parts.


Apollo System

1st Building Block: the base

Desk Mount - edge clamp, or clamp through hole

Wall Mount - screwed directly onto wall or attached to partition screen

Floor Mount - free standing or floor to ceiling post.

Integ International. Photo: Gareth Cooke
Apollo6 Flat Base Rotated Assembly, 4P, 1USB

2nd Building Block: the post

All Apollo posts share the proprietary slot, from single-slot through to 6-slot configurations.  This commonality allows the same connector to fit any Apollo post.  Multiple slots allow multiple attachments to slide past each other, or be fixed at the same height, on the post.

The Post can be any length to suit your requirement.

The Post can include sockets for power/usb/phone/internet.

Integ Posts:

  • Apollo1 - Single slot, wall mount only
  • Apollo2 wall - Double slot, wall mount only
  • Apollo2 pole - Double slot, desk mount only
  • Apollo4 - 4 slots, desk mount only
  • Apollo4 Power+ - 4 slots, desk mount and wall mount, allows power and data fittings as well as internal cable management
  • Apollo6 - 6 slots, desk mount, wall mount and freestanding mount, allows power and data fittings as well as internal cable management
Integ Poles
Apollo2 Wall
Apollo2 pole
Apollo4 Power+

3rd Building Block: the arm

An Arm is connected to the slot in the post to give range of horizontal positioning.

An Arm can be made of a number of sections, or 'limbs', from zero to usually 2 or 3.

0-Limb arm

0 Limbs means there is no horizontal movement away from the post. Max weight = 12kg, reach = 100mm

1-Limb arm

1 Limb means the horizontal movement is limited to a fixed arc around the post. Max weight = 12kg, reach = 280mm

2-Limb arm

2 Limbs extends that arc but also can be folded back anywhere from full extension to zero.  This is the most popular configuration. Max weight = 12kg, reach = 460mm

3-Limb arm

3+ Limbs gives greater distance from the post, with the trade-off of reducing load capacity. Max weight = 6kg, reach = 640mm

4th Building Block: the knuckle

The Knuckle attaches to the last limb on the arm, giving tilt, turn, and rotate potential at the end of the arm.

Tilt the screen to relieve glare.

Turn the screen to face you or to share with your audience.

Rotate the screen from landscape to portrait to view tall documents or websites, for less scrolling.

Landscape to Portrait

5th Building Block: accessories

Non-standard Vesa plate

Cable Clips

Limb Limiter to restrict range of movement

Trays for laptop/phone/keyboard/mouse/eftpos/tools

CPU holder

Task Light