Dual screens + Sit Stand – Decide for yourself challenge

Dual monitors increases productivity by 20-30%!

Sit stand desks increase your productivity by 10%!

Sit stand desks give you higher energy levels, higher concentration and less headaches!

With statements like this floating around on the internet, why does everyone not have dual monitors and height adjustable desks? Why don't project managers force dual monitors and a sit stand desk on each of its workers... for every three workers with this equipment, the company would be saving on the annual salary of a fourth.

If we believed the statistics such as the ones above then it would only make sense to run straight out and buy the equipment that will give us these amazing gains, but we don't because at some level, we do not believe that what is being said is true. So how do we decide for ourselves if dual monitors or sit stand desks will improve our productivity?

Step 1: Try it.

If you are looking at improving your own workspace or trying to improve the workspace of your employees, the first step will be to try it. Use the workplace setup that research says will increase productivity and make up your own mind. The longer it is used the better, it does take time to overcome the natural reluctance to change that us humans seem to have.

Step 2: Take it away.

Or at least think about trying to take it away. This will be when you realise whether what you have been using is having an effect on your working life or not. It is significantly more jarring to go from a better setup to a worse setup rather than vice versa.

My own experience with dual screens is that it was easy enough to use right away, generally just focusing on one screen then getting used to using the second one over time. It took around a week to get used to putting programs where I wanted them which allowed me to get the full benefits of having two. After getting used to them however, going back to a single screen was definitely jarring, it did not take long before my home computer was sporting dual monitors as well.

Will everyone have the same experience as myself? Definitely not. But if you step out of your comfort zone and try it then you will know 100% whether that article about dual monitors or height adjustable desks is true or not. Once you do then you can put your findings on the internet... but don't be surprised if people don't believe you.